Minecraft and Halo join forces


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StarForge is an intriguing game that combines elements from various genres to create an experience that is different from most anything else we've played up until now.

It's a free game that allows you to modify the scenery to your liking, in pure Minecraft style, creating building from scratch or digging tunnels beneath a mountain... but that also pits you against your friends or other enemies as though you were playing a multiplayer game of Halo.

At the moment the game is still in early development stages, so it's a little unstable, though it already includes really interesting features and the promise of more to come, like riding vehicles, battling against tons of players, and the ability to really work wonders with the scenery.

At the visual level, StarForge stands out, and although it is being developed by a team of just two people, it looks and feels just like any other modern release.

StarForge is a fun, unique game. It's still too early to say if it will be one of the great independent games of the last few years, but it certainly has the potential to be.
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